Allison#2 Volunteer Fire Company

History of the Allison#2 Volunteer Fire Company


 The Allison Fire Department was formed in 1933 it operated until 1952 when the membership decide to split the department into two new stations.The members that left started the Allison#1 Fire Department in Redstone Township. Then the remaining members relocated from the heights of Allison#2 down into the town. The fire truck was housed in the heights until the new station was finished in 1952 and the truck and equipment was moved to the new station. The department purchased a brand new Pierce fire engine in 1956 and added a small hall on to the garage the same year. In the 1990's we remodelled or social hall and put a three bay addition on the side for our new fire station. We have purchased over the years four Mack CF pumpers three of which we purchased off of Whitehall Fire Company and one was from Perrysville Fire company.  The last engine we purchased was in June of 2007 it is a 1984 Mack CF pumper. We also have a 1980 Ford Tanker which holds 1650 gallons of water and a 2004 Brush truck. 

We would like to thank Chief John Norwich for his 33 years of service to our department!!!!